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Growing an advocate community in-house

 - 18/07/2016

One of the greatest challenges facing many chief marketing officers and in-house marketers is getting the whole organisation to buy in and commit to the business’s marketing strategy.

Traditionally, firms see different parts of the business as being responsible for customer interaction, depending on the interaction.  For instance, marketing ought to be concerned with brand management; sales with customer relationships; and the support team should be responsible for customer experience.

But customers don’t see businesses in separate silos. They view their dealings with businesses and brands as a series of conversations that add up to their experience. So customer interaction needs to be seen as the responsibility of the entire organisation.

  Advocacy In-House

Educate the workforce on the purpose of your brand 

Today, customers are more knowledgeable and demanding about their needs. Digital content has empowered customers and allows them to access huge amounts of information. It also gives them a ‘window’ into organisations, which creates multiple opportunities for customer contact outside the traditional functions that might have owned those customer relationships.

For instance, customers no longer need to call up an organisation’s switchboard number to speak with a particular individual or department, instead they can simply find the right contact and reach out to them via social media – think LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

So, it is important for the whole organisation to be obsessed with customers and for everyone to adhere to brand guidelines so the experience for the customer is consistent. This is a vital part in educating the whole organisation – everyone has a part to play in dialogue with clients and other stakeholders.

 When everyone is on the same wavelength on customer touch points, it makes it easier to create engaging, insightful content for your audience. As businesses continue to differentiate their services through their brands and customer experience, the right content can be another implement in the toolbox.

 The ‘what’s in it for them’?

 Without organisational buy in, it will be near impossible to execute your marketing strategy effectively. It is important to have staff from different functions working together to make the most of everyone’s knowledge and insight, which are necessary for creating engaging content.

Content-oriented strategies require employee creativity. This is a great way to build organisational morale by involving different functions in the content generation process, encouraging teams to collaborate on campaigns and projects, which in larger organisations might not be the norm.

 Employees enjoy seeing their efforts and involvement recognised and having them create quality content with their names on it can be very rewarding for them. Crediting employees for company content they’ve contributed to or promoting a podcast they’ve appeared in, not only guarantees a steady stream of volunteers but humanises the brand, turning these individuals into personalities within company’s communities.

 Are you reading this and thinking: “How do I get started?” Then contact Tungtree Communications and we can work with you to develop the best content to meet your business needs.