Does your content help your clients and prospects separate the wood from the trees?

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93% of companies plan to maintain/increase commitment to producing unique content (say Economist Group).

Are you in that 93%?

Only 21% say they’re successful at tracking yield against investment. Do you track?

Only one in five pieces of content engage. How does your content compare?

Content & Campaigns

An Audit of content and thought leadership

Do you know what your key competitors are producing? What are the major content themes being discussed in your market? What do your customers and prospects find compelling reading?

We can do that analysis for you. We’ll look at the content you’ve produced in the last year and give you experienced feedback as to how engaging and original it is. We’ll even advise you on how you could have done it differently (and better).

With that insight, we can create a new content calendar. Everything you produce can be tailored to the people you want to reach as well as the channels that will reach them.

You won’t even need to ask yourself if your content is working. We can analyse the response and give you feedback. We can help make sure your investment is delivering maximum value.

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Business content bank: A new way of buying content

With the Business Content Bank, we can create the quality of content you need when you need it. We can produce it in the channel formats needed to reach the people you want to sell to.

Our service includes the audit of content and thought leadership. Using that insight, our team of professional writers and communicators will produce the quality of written and visual materials needed to help you stand out.

Content can include case studies, blogs and opinion pieces, for example, plus research-based reports, full-blown articles, tweets and LinkedIn posts. And then we can help distribute the content through whichever channels will work best for your particular needs (or you can do that yourself).

And the reason we call it a bank is that you buy content points and then redeem them against the type of content you need.

It’s a fast, efficient way of producing quality, compelling content. You have control of the budget you’re spending. And the knowledge that what you’re producing will help you stand out and get closer to the people you want to influence.

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Content & Campaigns

Strategy: to gain competitive advantage

We know about businesses as well as how best to communicate with them. Every facet of your corporate communications should clearly support your business strategy: a subtle word in the right ear is worth reams of press clippings in your second- or even third-tier media targets.  That’s why we combine our knowledge of the issues in the markets where you operate, with our expertise in senior-level business communications to generate and deliver strategic content and coverage that sets you apart from the competition.


Campaigns: to build better sales engagement

Research is at the core of our campaign development. We undertake in-depth interviews with the senior people you want to sell to on topical issues that are top of their minds.

We rigorously analyse the results and help you develop insight that link their issues and your solutions. The result is content that delivers your business case effectively and convincingly.

Social Media

Media: to create profile and quality content

To reach senior business audiences, you need to be in the media they consume. We create the content to generate coverage in the quality nationals, in leading business and A list trade media. We deliver quality issues-based coverage to help you engage with your audiences of choice.

The same content, and the coverage it generates, can be used to excellent effect across all of your marketing channels and customer touch points to help you engage the right people.


Social media: to build communities of key audiences

LinkedIn is the channel of choice for most businesses. We research and create content for your company page, generate change to attract new followers and build real engagement between you and your business audiences. We extend that approach to Twitter and other social channels to build the communities your business needs.