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Equiteq – building a thought leadership brand


Equiteq is the market leader in helping owners of consulting firms to prepare for sale and successfully sell their firms. It has engineered more deals in the global consulting sector than any other company.

To sustain its high growth, it needs to demonstrate the depth of its expertise and its ability to help owners through each stage of the selling process. It also needs to convince owners that Equiteq has the best insights into the needs of buyers globally.


Tungtree developed new initiatives to help achieve both of these goals. It undertook the first survey of buyers of consulting firms to find out what they were looking to buy, what types of deal structures they were offering and what earn-outs were used. The result was the 2014 Buyers Research Report.

The second initiative was to work with Equiteq to develop a new thought leadership brand and website to provide a unique and free source of information to help consultancies grow and sell their consulting firms (


In the first six months, the website attracted more than 1,500 owners of consulting firms to become members of the community.

The buyers report is rapidly becoming an industry benchmark for defining what consultancies can expect when selling their businesses.

Both initiatives have really engaged owners looking to sell their consultancies and the buyers of consultancies. They have helped to show Equiteq is the unequivocal market leader in M&A in the global consulting sector.
Paula Allerton, Equiteq’s Marketing Director