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Kimble Applications – Feeding the need for content


Kimble Applications produces software that is dedicated solely to improving the back office processes, systems and procedures that underpin professional services organisations (PSOs). A young company that has nevertheless achieved astounding growth, Kimble’s communications challenges are essentially two-fold:

  1. To increase brand awareness in a market dominated by behemoth enterprise resource planning vendors
  2. To help prospects understand a ‘functions and features’ approach to software acquisition is antithetical to achieving scale at pace, but without growing pains.


Tungtree invested time in getting under Kimble’s skin to understand its software, its people, and its history, as well as the typical thinking of its clients and prospects. We then identified and employed a plethora of channels through which to deliver sophisticated messaging and longer-form thought leadership.

A steady feed of high-quality content in the form of research, blog posts, LinkedIn and Twitter updates, advertorials, by-lines, whitepapers, video scripts, internal training materials, web site copy, email direct marketing, newsletters, case studies and press releases, have significantly raised Kimble’s profile in the UK, helped launch the firm in the US, supported critical industry partnerships, and raised the level of discourse around the provision of IT services to the professional services industry.


With original content still being created at a rate of knots, Kimble now has a firm bank of powerful and convincing material with which to educate and qualify prospective clients and future employees.

Tungtree has generated well over 200 pieces of coverage in 2015 alone, and increased Kimble’s LinkedIn followers by more than 200%. In addition, our content has driven leads online and at industry events, secured attendance at seminars and workshops, and helped Kimble’s employees old and new to articulate the firm’s corporate philosophy consistently.

We have been impressed by Tungtree’s ability to grasp our proposition and present it in a logical and compelling fashion via a variety of channels. We value the help they give us in crystallising our own thinking and articulating this in a way that enables us to get our message out effectively.
Mark Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer, Kimble Applications