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MooD – micro marketing to the chosen few


 MooD International works with business leaders in commercial and public sector organisations to enable them to take critical decisions with confidence. MooD’s award winning software allows senior management to address emerging issues and opportunities by assessing current performance and analysing the implications of future options using sophisticated modeling techniques.

MooD therefore needs to communicate complex messages to a relatively small group of very senior people. Tungtree created an integrated PR and marketing programme to raise MooD’s profile among potential buyers and support its growth targets.



Starting with a clear market position for MooD, the wide range of activities all contained content focused on the problems faced by its target audience. Media relations, tailored and targeted newsletters, a LinkedIn programme and speaking at specialised events were all used to reach the right decision makers. We also undertook research of senior managers using IT outsourced services, for example, to create the ‘State of Relations in Outsourcing report’ – one of the key markets for MooD.



The research provided the basis of content for direct and indirect marketing activity using sales, social media, e-newsletter and media channels. Tungtree regularly updates MooD’s LinkedIn page generating content addressing the issues of their target audiences and has increased the number of followers by over 400% in just over a year.

Newsletters focused on fewer than 200 people regularly exceed industry average open rates and the highly targeted PR reaches that audience through national and key trade media. All media coverage is also promoted using social media and sent to relevant clients when appropriate.


We have a very specific audience that we want to reach and for many of them, our solution involves a new way of doing business. We’re introducing compelling business benefits but it’s getting that awareness of what we do to the right people, at the right level, within a handful of target companies that is the challenge. Senior people are engaging with the material Tungtree has helped us to create.
George Davies, Chief Executive, MooD International