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Moorhouse ­- transforming a transformation consultancy’s marketing strategy



As a fast-growing management consultancy focused on executing transformational change for major private and public sector organisations, Moorhouse seeks to engage the C-suite and their direct reports to generate strategic and large-scale change management projects.  Working together with Tungtree, Moorhouse agreed that a thought leadership platform could serve as the foundational keystone for its marketing, PR and business development activity.  Moreover, it would present the opportunity to own a unique and differentiating piece of intellectual property that could become part of the industry and media calendars.



In close collaboration with Moorhouse partners and consultants, as well as with an independent market research organisation, Tungtree developed the Barometer on Change for Moorhouse, which aims to track how well large organisations and their senior leaders are managing change. More than 200 telephone interviews were conducted with this key target community during the first Barometer, revealing some £850m of potentially wasted investment in poorly planned change programmes.
The Barometer has become a key driver of Moorhouse marketing programmes for the last three years, and is set to become both broader and deeper in its fourth iteration this year. Its visibility has been extended through a proactive and highly successful PR programme targeting national, business and sector-specific media.
A highly anticipated commentary in the boardroom crucial to Moorhouse’s business development efforts, the success of the Barometer has led to further specialised industry reports in the financial sector ­ ‘Too much change?’ and in the health sector ­ ‘Fit for the future?’



The Barometer campaign has had a direct impact on both engagement and sales. The first Barometer, for example, generated 30 new business meetings and attracted 40 clients, prospects, industry experts and journalists to a launch event. It attracted 100 pre-orders for the report and 450 post launch as well as 435 new website visitors.

This has made a real difference. It demonstrates that we're driving thought leadership and has helped us open doors and generate new discussions.
Richard Jones, Partner, Moorhouse