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The Writer – helping them get the message across that words really count

The challenge

The Writer is one of the world’s largest business language consultancies. Our job is to prove that words matter in business and to show the difference the written word can make.

The problem? Most organisations don’t have a “Head of Words” job title so how do we reach marketing, brand and L&D people who might be interested in buying Writer services?

The how

Tungtree oversees a busy press office for The Writer, carefully crafting messages designed to resonate with each different group of potential clients. Our coverage shows the difference writing and language make at work, and ensure The Writer’s team of consultants are seen as business language wizards. Plus, our bespoke research has helped prove the difference made by writing with personality.

The results

More coverage than you can shake a stick at each year. Tangible new business leads and calls as a result of media coverage. Regular media attendance at The Writer events. Regular blogs and opinion pieces for spokespeople in business media

We love Tungtree. They get us, understand how we work and know what we believe in. They’ve got us talking about what we do (and how we do it) in all sorts of media titles (yes, even Railway Strategies), and rooted out some excellent spots for us in the national press. This doesn’t just make us feel warm and fuzzy; potential clients actually ring up because of where they’ve seen us.
Neil Taylor, Managing Partner, The Writer